Experience Points

*At the end of each session XP will be awarded. Typical experience points earned per session is between 4-6.
*Chapter experience points are between 6-8.
*End of Chronicle experience is between 12-14.

Bonus Experience

*1 xp is awarded per session to players who can identify anything learned from the session.
*1 xp is awarded for roleplaying flaws, virtues, vices, other character details that add to the story and overall session.
*extra xp can be earned for player cooperation and self sacrifice. (At Storyteller’s discretion, actions need to be heroic and above and beyond call of duty. Saving another character’s life/Sacrificing one’s character for the benefit of the group, etc)
*As agreed upon for previous games 2xp are given to each player to award fellow players for roleplaying, bribery, player discretion.

Obsidian Portal bonus XP

*2xp are awarded to those who write session write ups for the adventure log. In order to receive xp player must write at least 500 words, from character POV. Should the player not witness all events due to group separation Storyteller will fill in the blanks.
*1xp will be awarded for use of rumour system on site regardless of outcome of said rumour mill.
*up to 3xp will be awarded for successful use of rumour mill (this does not include potential xp earned from combat or side quests)

Session XP total if all avenues are explored: 19 XP
Chapter XP should all avenues be explored: 22 xp
Chronicle XP should all avenues be explored: 28 xp

Experience Points

Seven x Seven x Seven Aracale